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About Carew

Carew is a charming village in Pembrokeshire, attracting visitors with its historical sites, natural beauty, and tranquil atmosphere. It's a destination of interest for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone looking to explore the picturesque landscapes of Wales.

The village is known for its castle; this is one of the most iconic landmarks in Pembrokeshire. The castle dates back to the 11th century and has a rich history, including ownership by notable families like the de Carew family and the Earls of Carbery. It underwent several renovations and expansions over the centuries. Today, it stands as a well-preserved medieval castle, open to the public for tours and exploration.

Located just a short distance from Carew Castle, this tidal mill is another historical attraction in the area. It's considered one of the best-preserved tidal mills in the UK. The mill harnesses the power of the tidal fluctuations in the nearby Carew River to grind corn, and visitors can learn about its operation and significance.

Carew itself is a small village, it provides basic amenities for visitors, including accommodation options like bed and breakfasts, as well as a few shops and eateries.

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